Scott A. Mehlman


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Cord Jaeger has tried to get through life doing things the way you were supposed to; but life was rarely fair. Every once in a great while though, life provides a way to level the playing field. Cord got knocked down one too many times, and if life wasn’t going to play fair, then neither was he. Cord Jaeger has a secret, a secret he has been keeping since sixth grade because to reveal it could mean losing his freedom; and that was only if he was lucky. 

Set in a future where Cleveland, Ohio is one of the largest cities in a slightly smaller United States (and the Browns still haven’t won a Super Bowl), JEAGER tells the story of a man who has given up trying to do the right thing. Cord Jaeger has been hiding his power, and now he is learning to use that power to take care of that which he holds most dear. Himself. Cord Jaeger has great power, to hell with the great responsibility.